No Alcohol!!!

If you have it and are caught by fairground officials, you will be escorted off the premises.


All that we have to do is behave, have fun, and clean up after ourselves!

Coolers, cups, and koozies!


No Burnouts, power brakes, or any other reckless stunts or ideas!

Let's be adults, and show these young enthusiasts how to act at a show!

4 wheelers, golf carts, atv's, etc., are all accepted and welcome.

PLEASE, DO NOT tear up the grounds by spinning out, doing donuts, etc.

No grills or open flame fires!

We will have food vendors there. I require that they keep the

prices reasonable so it's easy on everyone! No need to leave the show for food!

No Nudity!

This is an all ages event for the entire family! Let's put the "show" back in car show!


More to come as we get them.


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