2nd Annual "Crusin 4 Taylor" Show Coverage

Taylor lost her battle with Leukemia in 2006.  This charity event is held in beautiful

St. Augustine FL @ the Flagler Imaging Center in her memory.

We would love to see this positive event continue to grow year after year.

Thanks to New Movement for having us out for this positive event.

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CFT07S7300567.JPG CFT07S7300568.JPG CFT07S7300569.JPG CFT07S7300570.JPG CFT07S7300571.JPG CFT07S7300572.JPG CFT07S7300573.JPG CFT07S7300575.JPG
CFT07S7300576.JPG CFT07S7300577.JPG CFT07S7300578.JPG CFT07S7300579.JPG CFT07S7300580.JPG CFT07S7300582.JPG CFT07S7300583.JPG CFT07S7300584.JPG
CFT07S7300585.JPG CFT07S7300586.JPG CFT07S7300587.JPG CFT07S7300588.JPG CFT07S7300589.JPG CFT07S7300590.JPG CFT07S7300591.JPG CFT07S7300592.JPG
CFT07S7300593.JPG CFT07S7300594.JPG CFT07S7300595.JPG CFT07S7300596.JPG CFT07S7300597.JPG CFT07S7300598.JPG CFT07S7300600.JPG CFT07S7300599.JPG

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