Thank You so much to everyone that attended UNITE 07.

I really appreciate all the Love, "Thank you"s, and Compliments all weekend.

The show attendance was way down because of the fear of fires and smoke.

That really sucks considering the weekend weather and conditions were perfect.

1/3 of the Pre-registered did not show up alone so you can guarantee the show size was at least that far off.

Show promoters get a ton of calls before a show wanting to know info about a show...

I got 9 out of 10 calls saying they heard it was canceled or asking if it was canceled and of course this hurt the turnout.

The turnout still almost filled the main show field and I read concerns of needing more room.

The show was already supposed to overfill the main field and continue up Lake Rd. which was to the left when you approached

the main field and continue up that road and up around the lake that looks like it should be on a post card.

I hope a lot of you got to go up there and check that area of the park out.

Next year the show will fill the main field and continue up to this area.

You can count on the show being 4 times the size since I will have one year to promote it and no fire fears.

Special Thanks to all the people that came from far out like MS, GA, AL, KY, TN, SC, NC, and other states.

Central Florida really slept on this show . Central Florida shows have really fallen off and have become very "local" shows.

I guess you are happy attending one show a year and bashing it after it is over.

I can photograph a show for Hot Rides and shoot 90 of a 100 rides and get E mails stating " Why wasn't my ride in the coverage "

and not get one E mail saying " Thanks for shooting my ride for the coverage " so all the

Thanks You's and " Best show ever" compliments I heard all weekend Really meant a lot to me.

The quality of rides were very high as most of you probably noticed.

I am glad everyone liked the awards but this is not the reason I created Unite and it should never be the reason to attend Unite.

The front sign probably explained that right from the get go " Welcome to UNITE... Trophy chasers go home " .

"Freaks of Nature" ended up taking the sign and they promised to sign the back and return it at UNITE 08.

Next year will have a designated drag area also since I'm sure the fire fears will be over next year.

Special Thanks to Slam Specialties, Absolute Wear Clothing, Signature Trailer Company, Monster Energy Drink, Overkill fabrication, Hornblasters,

Drop Em Wear, Sign-A-Graphics, Inform Clothing, Trendsetters, All About Signs, Hydroboost, And everyone else involved.

People had fears of Unite going up in flames but instead we rose from the ashes like a phoenix.
Thanks again for all the Love. Unite 07 was " A new beginning, and 08 will be the return.....


May 17-18  2008

And now , Coverage from UNITE 07